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Blade 15 in Switzerland for 2019?

  • 31 December 2018
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Hi everyone,
I'm a student who love music and gaming. I play games like Rainbow 6 and Overwatch but I can't buy a Desktop so I have to buy a laptop to study and play with at the same time.

I have seen that the razer blade has a huge battery of 6h so that's the best laptop for me!

Please if any moderator see my comment, suggest to the CEO to sell Razer Blade in switzerland, in Switzerland we have only keyboard and mouse from Razer...

And see the photo, I have a poor Acer (960m and i7-6700hq...) I want to upgrade this year but like I said I don't have that money to spend every year so I want to buy the ultime laptop!

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I appreciate your enthusiasm towards the RB15. Unfortunately, this thread violates the House Rules so I'll have to lock it down. Hope you get to own one soon though!

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