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Blade auto-HDR not working

  • 15 November 2022
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I've got razer 15 base mode 2020 with 4k oled hdr display.

I'm also running the latest Windows 11 22H2 version, which includes auto-hdr and new hdr calibration tool. And all the newest drivers. On my desktop PC this combination finally enabled flawless color representation and enabled me to use auto-HDR in games.

But when I enable HDR in my Razer laptop from the windows menu, the colors are washed out. However, if I watch HDR content from youtube, they represent colors flawlessly, so in part, we know the HDR itself is working.

So there are two main things:
1) putting the washed-out colors aside, games that support auto-hdr, should give the pop-up when starting the game. For example I play world of tanks in auto-HDR on my desktop, and it gives the pop-up.

But this razer laptop doesn't give the pop-up, and the colors are washed out. So does anyone know if auto-hdr should even be possible on the laptop screen?

My understanding of the screen render process is nvidia gpu -> intel gpu -> screen, so does this create some inherent technical drawback, that makes it impossible (because nvidia gpu is not directly connected to screen) ?

2) and the second question is obviously: is there a way to get rid of washed-out colors on this laptop in desktop on HDR mode?

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