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Bloated battery RZ09-02202

  • 29 April 2023
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Purchased this laptop back in 2018. I understand this model has heat circulation issues so I purchased and used external cooling system all the time. 

Did not use that much as I also have a desktop, and it’s been okay for these years. It’s not until my recent use, I saw smoke coming out from my key board and I seriously panicked. Quickly turned off the power and I opened the back cover. The Bloated battery. 

I use all kinds of Razer products for my gaming experience, from mouse, to matt, to keyboard, to headset etc. This is my first time feeling so upset… Just Imaging this thing blow up. 

Obviously this is a legacy model and it’s out of warranty, but given the actual time that I spent on this laptop and, I have to say it’s Huge disappointment. 


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