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Completely unbelievable, yet not surprised.

Proprietary "universal" usb cables this absolutely ridiculous and pathetic. I'm sure it's been said here and many other places but I feel it needs to be said again.
I have ALWAYS been a Logitech user. I never really wanted to change. Except when my G13 gamepad started to fail me and for some completely unknown reason they won't continue making them or make new models.
I did quite a bit a research (obviously not enough) to find an all around system. I hate running multiple apps in the background just to have different companies mouse and keyboard. So I switched all of my peripherals to Razer. For Razer to make "universal" cables into propriety is not just sad, it's a desperate call for a class action lawsuit. I don't know how long this has been going on, but I wish I would have known before my purchases. I would rather run two apps in the background than pay for snake oil. (young people google snake oil) Peripherals are where companies, especially consoles, make their money. OK fine, but I already paid you the $250 each for a keyboard and mouse, not to mention gamepad, headset and headset stand. Oh yeah, and an ARGB controller. However, now you want me to pay you $12-$13 per cable that are no better than a $4 cable I can buy online. In the immortal words of Charlie Brown "Boy do I feel stupid". But, now I've bought my bed and must lay in it.
P.S. So far the equipment has run great. I wish the interface for profiles was easier and "razer" generic.
Also, PLEASE run far far away from THX. THX is great for a theater system or if it used it's own processing output. But, Windows 10 & 11 have enough issues adding THX into the mix is just "problematic". When it grows up to be DTS or DD maybe it will work better.

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