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Does the battery last long on Razer wireless headsets?

  • 27 November 2022
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Please share your experience if you have one- if you have a good one, please share it.
I recently purchased the Razer Nari Ultimate and have to say that I am very impressed with the sound quality. They immediately capture my heart. Synapse worked well and the quality was great, but after one year, things stopped working randomly. One RGB had failed, for example, on the left side. It disconnected from the headset and started playing the sound nonstop when the battery ran low. Considering I paid 200 for that headset, I think it's reasonable to expect it to last longer than a year? right? And for everyone who thinks i throw my headset around .. no! i took very good care of them. Because of increasing problems and failures i writed razer support because i had warranty and they replaced it for me. So the new headset i use until now is also break down. It started after a year of use again with disconnecting problems and when i turned the voice up/down there was a really annoying sound like an radio on searching mode. But it was still useable and my warranty was over so i never writed razer, also because i would feel bad asking for a second one.. now 2022 the dongle of the headset is broken. It started a week ago to dis and reconnect while gaming and increased, Now it happens 10x a second. So my headset is not useable.

What the support answered me you want to know? They just followed ther damn script.. I told them i have no warranty.. what they do? asking for the bill saying i should tell them my new adress and saying in the end : oh you have no warranty we cant refund so hf with your broken headset again!

I mean they are just doing their job, but i really feel disappointed when i told them already since beginning that i do not have warranty. I feel like razer is shitting on people without warranty.

In my search i found out that very many people have these problems, also my friend in real life who i recommended that headset. He got also problems and no warranty anymore.

I think these wireless headsets are made to break down or just have the badest quality/firmware..

Hence, I would advise against buying it based on my experience! I guess cable headset should be fine.. but for everyone who loves wireless headset and want to use them longer as an year maybe go watch another brand.

Being an avid razer fan who owns everything they make .. mouse, keyboard, music player...

Would you mind sharing your experiences? What are your experience with Razer wireless headsets?.

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