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dont get the sphex

  • 27 November 2020
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i hv 1, its scratchy asfuq, use halflife3 and get the helios(which acording to reviewers has a smooth surface on ure skin...deff cannot say the same abt the sphex), its wht i wished i did

the only advantage i can think of with buying sphex instead, is tht depending on ure country razerstore shipping is either cheaper or more expensive than glorious, and razer lets u file for rma till jan14 and will refund the initial shipping costs, btw heres a closeup of the surface i.ibb co/QMTyyMp/IMG-20201126-015147 jpg

so long ago in a distant land...razer talked some bs abt how destructor2(youtube/watch?v=6hPTa98b0uQ&t=2m27s) had tiny silver flakes to heighten its reflective quality...i hv to say, if they said the same abt sphex(hows u sphex life?), i would believe it,48mp pic taken with mi9 with flash in total darkness

just got the achivement tht says i own a razer headset...nvr evr hv i done so, with glitchy nonsense like tht its nowonder razer leakedeveryones info

and yes im pissed tht i cant enter razers rewardsforthefaithful cause i bought frm the razerstore

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I also have this same question and i cannot find any proper answers on the internet and also here. need solution Nox.