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Driver San Fransisco Corrupt Save File - Please Help

  • 19 May 2020
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So, a few months earlier I downloaded Driver san fransisco. It is cracked obviously since it is not sold anymore. ,I mean have no choice if Ubisoft doesn't sell it I will crack it. So I was able to play it well for a few times and I didn't play it in months. A few weeks before I again played it. And now when I launch it Load game option is not available. I had recently downloaded uplay I thought it could be somehow related and deleted it, nothing. The save files are in file directory but the game doesn't see them.

to be exact : This PC > Documents > Ubisoft > Driver San Fransisco > SKIDROW > savegames > autosave.dat

If you have an idea about why it happened and how can I solve it please help me, I appreciate all the answers.

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