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Feasibility of upgrading Razer Blade 15 components (CPU, RAM, GPU)

  • 25 March 2023
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Hello, I am very happy Razer blade 15 advanced (2019) owner and as my laptop ages, I have started to question if it is possible to upgrade certain hardware within the laptop? I am out of warranty and not worried about problems with that, but am asking to both the community and/or any Razer employees that would actually like to be helpful (not going to lie, Razer support has been a terrible experience for me over the years) for their input? I can’t seem to find many sources, though I am getting the idea that the difficulty of upgrading in descending order is RAM->CPU->GPU which is coincidentally the order I’d look at things.

Just putting this here hoping for a helpful discussion so I can see if it is better to pursue possibly upgrading components of my machine, or to better look at upgrading to a new machine altogether  when the time comes. My laptop is still very much a functional piece of hardware (I only have had to replace my battery once) but I am still asking for the future . 

Thanks in advance! :)

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On blade 15 only ram, ssd and wifi card can be upgraded since they are not soldered. CPU and GPU you can’t upgrade, the gpu maybe with Egpu setting but it’s another story and a bit different with your question I think.