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First Razer... "on the [Logitech] wagon"!

  • 9 January 2020
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Just purchased first non-Logitech mouse in over 20 years... a Razer Viper.

Thusfar, I am very pleased. It is superior in every way (IMHO) than my MX Anywhere 2S...
I went wired, because I got tired of the bluetooth fighting with the 2.4 GHz for dominance over the mouse's connectivity.... Also, for unknown reasons (to me) the MX anywhere just decided to start stuttering, disconnecting, and generally being an unpredictable and jittery mess.

So... back to wired...


How long does it take to "detox" from a hyperscrolling addiction? :wink_:

Is there some way to reduce or eliminate the scroll wheel steps? Or is that inside a sealed encoder?

Thanks for taking the time to read this. :smile_:

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It's inside sealed encoder. Razer Basilisk (the 1st one, and Ultimate ver) have customizable scroll tension, so there you can eliminate the steps completely, scroll will move smoothly.
Thanks.... Looks like I will have to "deal with it", because I am DONE with wireless mice for now. :cool_: