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For The Mogul Admins: Arena Tips to be more successful

  • 16 March 2019
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Silver Slam has been one of the best platform promotion that I have seen online.
It has a wide array of games to choose from and to be frank the prizes made me want to compete everyday for the whole month.
Sadly, Silver Slam ended and it had left a dent in our soul.
I wish there would be a Silver Slam part 2 and I know there are some downfalls but to help out Mogul admins, here are a few tips.

You might notice that the influx of participants are from free to play games. Apex Legends, Dota 2, League of Legends, Hearthstone, Mobile Legends and more.

Just to rack in more participants, I noticed that Dota 2 has a condition to only use the Hero Shadow Fiend.
To be frank, only a handful of heroes use Shadow fiend. That is why not everyone enters the Dota2 Tournaments. Even my friends tried it only once and gave up. If you would tweak it, it would be better to use the Single Draft function where a player is given 3 random hero to choose from.

Apex Legends, LoL and Mobile Legends criteria are good.

Now here are for the premium games.

Tekken 7 could rack in many many players if the admin decides to use the STEAM platform rather than the PS4 console. Although in both platforms the game is not free, the difference is that there is no additional cost for the network connectivity in STEAM (and the fact that PS4 network is not stable). That means anyone with the Tekken7 game can join and without the need to subscribe or pay more for the PS network.

Players would rather pay for the Mogul Entrance fee than pay a faulty Playstation Network Connectivity (it hurts me to say this but this really needs a fix).

The same could be said for NBA 2k19 via STEAM compared to PS4 console.

I hope this info could help and all the best in the future promotions!

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