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German online store: General demand for US layout?

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As a German programmer, I've come to prefer the US keyboard layout over the German one. There's just so many keys that I regularly need that are far easier to type on US layout.

I've got this really bad first world problem though, which is me being a Razer fanboy and Razer not selling US keyboard layout laptops in Germany. The German online store only sells laptops with the German layout. There is the EU store, funnily enough, which sells nordic and US layout to all kinds of countries. It's funny because Germany is right in the middle of those countries geographically, but is not on the list of those countries itself.

So when I was in the market for a 2020 Stealth, I had to resort to asking a distant relative from the Netherlands if I could use him as a parcel proxy, which he thankfully agreed to, even though we usually don't have any contact at all.

Of course now it feels like I can't resist the Blade 14 and I've spent way too much time doing research on how to get a US layout one to Germany without having to drive to Tilburg to pick it up. Checked German online stores for US layout Blades, tried to find stores from the Netherlands that deliver to Germany, nothing. I also asked German and EU Razer support, they thankfully said they'd tell the relevant people about my problem, but hopes are low. I guess it's a big decision changing the supply chains.

Having those problems, I'd like to hear if any of you think there's demand for US layout laptops in the German store. Would you say for yourself that you'd rather buy Razer laptops with US layout if you could?

I'll include a poll about that, as I just noticed I can do that. Looking forward to hearing your opinion.

Should the German Razer store also sell US layout laptops?

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Is kind of weird that they can deliver to many EU countries around Germany through their Razer EU store the laptops with the US layout but if you want to order from Germany you are kind of in a black-hole spot where NOTHING gets shipped with US-Layout. Been wanting that Blade 14 myself but would need a friend in any surrounding country to pick it up for me, that is really silly, considering this is a big company.
I'm not German, but I think Germans should have that choice! If you're willing to buy from the EU store, why not ship to Germany?
(I've heard that complaint from German colleagues before, so you're definitely not alone!)
Whereas the consumption of goods can be delayed, as a general rule services are produced and consumed almost simultaneously.

If I were that relative from the Netherlands, I would not agree. Because you don't communicate with him at all even though you are a distant relative
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If I were that relative from the Netherlands, I would not agree. Because you don't communicate with him at all even though you are a distant relative

Lol, whatever. He's fine with not communicating, I'm fine as well, but he's a nice enough person to open his front door twice (once for the parcel, once for me picking it up) without any benefits for himself. I brought him a present when I picked up the parcel and he even said it was not necessary.
What do you even care? You sound like my parents would if they'd think I was a brat.