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I can hear the colors...

  • 11 March 2019
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Not an issue with the device. I have a TT Level 10 GT case and use the front panel for my headset. I normally have the 2018 holiday chroma bunch plugged directly into the motherboard, but recently took them with my laptop. I just returned home and being lazy plugged two into the top of the case and one into the front panel. And, now I can hear color, well with the mouse and surface pad that have a single color signal. I plugged the keyboard it, but with all the lights it's controlling it's a much higher pitch, but with ripple I can hear the changes, but never as low a frequency as the single color devices. I though it funny, but really annoying. Again, not an issue with the Razer hardware, but found the sub 20k Hz frequencies being used to control the color interesting.

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