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If Razer fixed their customer support, no other company could touch them.

  • 7 September 2019
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Back in May, I purchased a RB15 2070 and it was great for about a month. The build quality, style, and components were everything I was looking for and then some. Then, out of the blue, my fans starting making these horrible metal on metal sounds, I got blue screens, and performance crashed. Jumping ahead, I was very disappointed at a $2700 machine breaking after 7 days, but Razer promptly sent me a replacement.
That was in the middle of August. The new replacement had problems out of the box. Similar clicking fan noise, excessive coil whine, random restarts, the function keys randomly not working, an SSD that read and wrote about 30-50% slower than my first model (it is actually an inferior brand too not what I paid for), etc. TLDR: it sucked.
I contacted support right away about this new model having a problem and i was forwarded to a level 2 tech right away. After giving him the list of problems, I was offered a repair. I said I am not paying for a repair and at this point I already had to send back one model and now wasted $110 on dbrand skins for the two models. I was offered a headset that I already own. I said no and either wanted a full refund or an upgrade (It had only been 2.5 months since I purchased the original laptop). They supposedly reached out for approval for an upgrade and I was then jerked around for almost 3 weeks only to receive a 2 sentence email saying that Razer will not fix this problem because they don't guarantee internal components (he was talking about my SSD). That may be valid, but all the other issues with the device have supposedly been swept under the rug. Additionally, there was no further mention of repairs or any assistance with the device.
Currently, I am stuck in a back and forth with different customer service reps giving me different case numbers and not really answering my questions. This has been an incredibly frustrating experience as there is so much potential in these products. I'm not saying this is a bad brand and you shouldn't buy from them, but if you do then hope you get a good unit or be prepared to fight for one. Razer, I hope you have someone that reads these posts. Then maybe others won't have to deal with this issue again.

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3 Replies

I bought the nommo pro 2.1 speakers/ lovely items. but i stopped buying there other products years ago as they overpriced and poorly made. you can buy for example a keyboard thet looks the same for £40 and will alst you longer from another company. my last razer keyboard was wrecked in 6 months. the keys were so thin too.
Bad Customer Support is why i stayed with my Macbook Pro and haven’t bought a Razer Blade in years.

If i do i will do it on Best Buy and add extended warranty to it. Also i will never buy their most expensive options knowing how bad these product could be. At the ende is a 50/50 chance for a good one. Those odds are terrible to say the least...
Couldn't agree more, pretty much had enough of chasing their support with no resolution and when you give them a sensible compromise they refuse it, well done Razer.