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  • 18 December 2019
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Hey Insiders,

It's always nice to know which Razer products community members like to use and with the help of a few Vanguards we'll kick start this thread and make our own personal recommendations on which products we own and why we recommend them.


Community Members

If you'd like to participate (and possibly earn some fat Silver), create a thread of your own and comment on this thread with your link. Be sure to only recommend and describe experiences with products you actually own.

As for me personally, I can't recommend the Atheris enough. People, do not sleep on this mouse! I'm on the go often and off of two AA batteries it lasts long. I don't get any performance latency. This was the mouse that sold me on wireless. This is a simple, effective, compact mouse that can be part of your travel kit or daily driver. I'm surprised myself that I love it so much.

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Nice job guys with this thread!

Pfew i got a lot of Razer stuff(as you can see in my signature), but let me think which ones made me feel the best. One of the most awesome parts i bought is my Razer Naga Epic Chroma , you know that mice with 20 buttons that almost looks like a phone. It is awesome especially if you play mmos, thus the many buttons on the side which they can be used as macros too. It has wireless mode, 16000 dpi, profiles switch and best of all, chroma.

Ok, 2nd one that i'd pick will be my Razer Hunstman Elite which i grinded quite a lot to get it from Silver Rewards Catalog, and which is amazing. Lots of chroma effects, purple clicky switches that are kinda noisy, but they feel so good when pressed. Chroma wristrest and it looks like a pro.

I also got a pair of Krakens 7.1 V2 and a mini Razer Rogue backpack . The headphones are amazing, those 7.1 speakers really take gaming to a whole new level of perception, they're really good for the games that sound is important. And the backpack also looks stylish, being waterproof and having lots of pockets, i usually take it with me at work every time.

That's some of my greatest things i got from Razer. What about you guys? Curious to hear it out.
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Nice. Yeah for me I love my Atheris as a portable work mouse. I think when it comes to gaming I still feel like wired is a much better option despite all latency testing showing wireless is equal to wired in the current generation of mice but gaming is a lot about personal comfort as well and when you feel more comfortable with a wired mouse even if its placebo you still play better.

I would also recommend the Huntsman and Huntsman T.E. The T.E is just a new level of gaming keyboards but I managed to get the standard Huntsman for 75 dollars on sale and it is damn near perfect. Would have only liked a standard bottom row so I could get a custom keycap set even though the stock ones arent bad to begin with.
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I have the Lancehead T.E Mercury Edition and I recommend it to all my friends. People associate bad build quality with Razer but this mouse feels rock solid in my hands. It feels more premium than any other mouse I have tried even comparing stuff like the 150 dollar G Pro Wireless. And though the Lancehead is old and heavy at this point in its life I still prefer its heavier nature for gaming and general use. Wouldnt switch to anything ever if I still find a Lancehead in stock when my old one fades to dust.
I have only the basic Razer stuffs ... my faithful old DeathAdder Chroma and Sphex V2 mini gaming mat. Both working excellently and they never fail me. I am enjoying the games with hot chocolate or coffee with my Chroma mug. I like Razer !!!
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My first time here so I thought what better way to start my first ever thread by sharing my experience with using some fantastic Razer products.
Here it is /first-time-with-razer.54194/
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my thread was closed, can you re open it? OR, should I re create a new one? (I'd hate to create a dupe thread and clutter the forum)

I once got a Razer Deathadder gifted to me.. I was a fan of the mouse itself, the software seemed a little buggy/resource intensive to me, but after that point I decided I would get all Razer stuff to match it. I soon replaced the Deathadder with a Deathadder Chroma and added a Blackwidow Chroma to it as well. Then, I had to get the Firefly mousepad (obviously). I like the mousepad but sometimes I think it's a waste of electricity.. next time I upgrade my parts I'll probably go with non-RGB stuff, just black.

I didn't stop there though. I bought the Kraken Chroma which I rarely use. The one purchase I actually don't regret at all is the Panthera. I don't even own a PS4 so I only use the stick on PC, but it's a very nice stick, with no wasteful RGB diodes. Really like that one. Well I guess that's all, happy Chanukah everyone!

I highly recommend the Ornata Chroma, can never go back to another keyboard. (its my 2nd one...the first one died of a gin tonic)