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Is rgb good?

Rgb is a great cosmetic thing but does it actually drain the battery of your computer faster or does it not take very much power to do it?

Is rgb good?

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RGB is the most important. RGB back TV, RGB keyboard, RGB table lights, RGB couch lighting. With me it always looks like at the fair 🙂
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I installed RGB underglow on my cat. Her battery holds a charge just fine.
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It'll draw a little power but it's nominal at best. Typically when I'm on battery power I don't use it unless if it's pitch dark where I'm at. And then, if I do use it on battery i'll only bump it up to the lowest two settings. When I'm plugged in I'll put it at about level 15 in synapse. Sometimes 20. Max is too bright for me usually.
I always have the Visualizer mode on. I love that glowing sparkle.
It depends on how you view it. Sometimes I would just "crave" to watch my chroma lighting react to some music and other times where I would prefer to have them off.

I guess it gives the aesthetic appeal and it really looks good especially at night!