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Looking for New Peripherals and New Gaming Desk Recommendations

  • 3 April 2019
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Hello everybody, I'm in search of new Razer or non-Razer peripherals to go with my current Razer Blade Stealth build or my future Razer Blade 15 mercury white edition purchase.

Mice that I am interested in are:
- Razer Mamba Wireless 2018 version (RGB is only the razer logo and the sides of the scroll wheel)
- Razer Atheris, I like the simplicity and compact of this one.
- Razer Lunar White Deathadder Mouse.
- Logitech G730 Lightspeed wireless Mouse. All of my Logitech mice in the past had lasted long and never had any issues with logitech mice.

As for headsets, the Razer Nari Ultimate looks wild with the haptic feedback but I'm not sure how good they sound compared to other headsets that I'm used in the past like Razer Krakens and Logitech G430s (probably a ridiculous comparison). The Logitech G930 wireless Headset seems like a decent and familiar choice but the price is a little off putting.

Currently, my peripherals of use is : a Razer Hyperflux being plugged into my Razer Core v2 and a Razer Deathadder elite Wired Mouse when going out of the house. The headset I'm using is the Razer Kraken v2 7.1 Mercury White Edition. I'm primarily a Razer and Logitech peripheral user.

I'm also looking for a new desk with plenty of depth space (minimum of 25 inches to 33 inches maximum.)
Width could be between 51 to 63 inches.

A fully white wireless peripheral setup would be amazing to try out too.

All Suggestions are welcome. Should I stick to Razer / Logitech peripherals or should I venture to another brand?

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