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Looking forward to Razer's Honeycomb prototype adaptation

  • 29 May 2019
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So I picked up one of the new Blade 15 laptops, 2018 edition as its now called, the first day they were available and have absolutely loved it! It strikes the perfect balance between my needs as a CS master’s student, IT professional, and gamer. To this point it has saved me from being so much as tempted by other concepts or upgrades, even though I used to refresh my laptop embarrassingly often. I have to say though, the new honeycomb prototypes from Intel the last few days have got my mouth watering again. If you don't know what I'm talking about yet, go check your favorite tech news site to get up to speed for the rest of this to make sense. Credit where it's due, I feel like Razer may have started the ideas that led to this with Project Valerie, whose page I still check monthly for updates, but the honeycomb prototype seems like a more feasible and mature evolution of this concept. The increased thermal headroom for example that comes from lifting the screen should let a company with Razers thermal talent to do some pretty impressive things with hardware. Assuming anyone from Razer reads this, I would love to see Intel’s entire concept emulated, but with Razer aesthetics and build quality. The eye tracking for the second screen would be AMAZING, and the extra room and height for the screen has me checking my bank account already thanks to how many applications I could already find for it, even if the experience starts out a little buggy. Similar to the new Asus concept I would also love to see at least one of the screens accept active pen input, even if Razer doesn’t bother adding another version of the same active pen to the market. While I’m hoping for a Razer take on the ideas sooner rather than later, I’m also willing to wait out releases from other companies thanks to how impressed I’ve been thus far with the blade lineup. Please don’t make us wait too long, this concept plus Ice Lake enabled advancements to almost every internal component could make the next year more exciting for laptops than anything since affordable SSDs!

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Yes missed something like project Fiona that became Razer tablet and till now still suspicious Nintendo switch and Rog phone take it as reference. About dual vertical monitor there’s 3 things would be challenges imo, thermal especially on gaming laptops or i9 laptops, keyboard placement and last one the durability, if one of the screen defect it’ll difficult or maybe expensive to change. For now for productivity I use sometimes portable usb C monitor that can run with single cable only from Blade, I think it is more reliable and will hold quite long until there’s new tech about dual screen laptop. I really want Project Valerie or Linda out, rather than project breadwinner lol.