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Lost Wolverine Pro Dongle

  • 15 March 2023
  • 2 replies

Hoping you all might be able to help. I lost the USB dongle for my wolverine pro controller. Razer support said they don’t sell replacement dongles so as of right now I can only connect my controller wired. 

Would the HyperSpeed dongle be able to pair to my wolverine pro? Or I’m stuck using wired permanently? 

2 Replies

Razer's app sucks. Razer's customer service doesn't help when you need to buy a replacement part, probably because they can't add aren't clear either way. Razer's top of the line pro controller, the Wolverine V2 sucks because of this. The signal is proprietary for the dongle, and they won't share any info to possibly buy a replacement from them because they stopped making it. If they're gonna clown customers like that and stop supporting your products, at least release the software if someone provides serial#