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My razer experience so far

I owned 3 Razer laptops (2018 Advanced, Blade 13 2019 and 2020 Base Model) every single one had severe issues. The 2018 model had smoke coming out of the vents and shut down on day 1 then I got a replacement after 3 weeks and the replacement had faulty screen and charging port ! The Blade 13's keyboard stopped working after 2 months and I had to get it replaced then the battery started swelling after like 6 months ! The 2020 model's battery would disconnect for no reason when it was on battery and shut down and wouldn't power back on ! Terrible terrible quality stay away from Razer laptops! I got the AW m15 R5 last year it had some issues like power button got stuck and command center issues that got fixed with updates but nowhere near Razer junks. Overall I'm very satisfied with the m15's performance and I just placed an order for m15 R7 recently (3070Ti). Razer always cheaps out on internal components despite charging premium prices like they use lower brightness and lower quality displays and cheaper batteries they just make the chassis look good but internals are cheap low quality trash. Also Alienware support is way better than Razer's ! Just make sure you get 2-3 years premium support plus, they replace your defective laptop for free with a higher spec one It's amazing ! Razer support agents are clueless and just keep sending your case to the next agent and department and then they tell you they gonna email you but they never do ! Alienware even let's you keep your laptop until they send the new replacement ! Razer charges you for sending back the defective laptop ! Once I asked 3 different agents about brightness (nits) of a Blade model they had no idea what it was, it was pathetic ! It's not even close Alienware is just that much better.

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