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My Thoughts on Razer Gear - Good & Bad

  • 1 February 2020
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1. Razer Mamba... this mouse is one of the most popular gaming mice out there and yet.. it is so horrible and you don't seem to do anything about it.
What is the problem?: The problem is very clearly the sensor, which especially acts out when using the chroma settings for the mouse, which is simply not acceptable. Personally I have been using Razer Mamba since the first one in 2009, then upgraded to 2012 model etc. I LOVED it and it didn't have any issues back then, though it was also a laser sensor. (Yes, laser and optical sensors are basically the same, yet.. they aren't).
What I want?: I just want my beloved and beautiful Razer Mamba back, that works 100% without issues, I honestly do not care what sensor it has, as long as it WORKS.. but that probably helps changing to a better and more well known sensor.

2. Razer headphones.. why do they have to suck? okay.. so hear me out.. we all know that basically ALL "gaming headsets" are bad, except for HyperX headsets... they are actually good! high quality sound (and yes.. it does matter wether it has 20k-20k frequences, every good headset/headphone I have ever used, had a low to very high (28k max) frequence.. moving on.
What is the problem?: So basically you do as so many other companies do.. you make a great design (yes, your headsets looks great, they really do, I especially like the look of your new Tiamat 2.2/7.1 v2). But they simply do NOT perform good for gaming, also they seem way too heavy on the bass.. people seem to think that heavier bass = better positioning, but that is so far from the truth.
What I want?: I want a well designed, proper performing headset, with a microphone that has the same quality as HyperX headsets or even Sennheiser... I know you can do it, it's all about wether you want to (which I don't understand why not..). Other than that I want A OPEN-AIR PAIR OF HEADSETS... Yes people.. read this clearly! Open headphones/sets gives better positioning! That is a proven fact (no, I am not your google, do your own research if you are in doubt)... basically I just want to like Razer again.

3. Razer Keyboards... Nothing to say here, I have both the Ornata Chroma and Blackwidow Tournament edition v2 yellow switches.. they are great, love the simplicity and small form factor, with great performance. (I especially love the tournament edition TKL keyboard, it's great).

4. Razer needs to focus more on quality > quantity ... I think we all know this, you know it yourself... so why not just do it, sure it will cost you more to begin with, but as your brand is once again recognized for being high quality, then people will start buying way more Razer than any other brand. (For my sake.. you can calm down with the luxury packaging.. that doesn't matter.

I realise that there might come hate on this post, but I do not understand why, since we all know that all of this is true. I just want what we all want.. great products, a great Razer brand that is known for high quality and my beloved peripherals that simply works.

That is my 2 cent.

Oh, I forgot... the Razer Controllers for console are also very great, especially love the Wolverine, but come on Razer... it's not wireless? please, it's 2017. Let's go!

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