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Nari Essential PS4

I got the Essential to use with PS4. I also have an external drive connected. The headset does not stay connected. Right now I am sitting about five feet away from my system, and it has completely disconnected several times in the past few minutes. It is completely charged. It works great when connected. I have tested it with a different PS4 with not much improvement. I used it with a Windows tablet once, and it worked while I was sitting right at the tablet. I haven't had a chance to test it with anything else to see if maybe using it with a PC it would stay connected more than just right at the desk. Any ideas? It's marketed as PS4-compatible. That's the only reason I bought it. Like I said, it seems to work great while connected. It just disconnects often. One more thing is that if my PS4 goes into rest mode the only way I can get the headset to connect again is to restart my PS4 or manually remove then reconnect the transceiver.

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