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New Laptop with RTX 3070 / 3080

  • 13 September 2020
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I would like to buy a new gaming laptop... or desktop. Since last announcement of Nvidia about new graphic card for a decent price we can expect lower price and better performance gaming computer in all market. What does it take to Razer, after such announcement, to be able to release a new gaming laptop with this new GPU?

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2 Replies

The mobile 30 series chips haven't been released yet. Since the current mobile GPUs were announced half a year after the initial 20 series chips, expect at least until early next year for the announcement and the 2nd half of 2021 for shipping. I would not wait and get the desktop version if you want a 30 series GPU.
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I think this will help you and he’s might be right about that we’ll see something on CES in January, though on performance percent calculation he’s a bit wrong;)

Before that Ampere we’ll seeing apparently some new update maybe in October, I’m quite hype.