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New to Huntsman Elite Razer Family

  • 13 November 2020
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Hello everyone this is 1st time i bought any razor product from last 2 years i was using corsair K95 RGB Platinium Keyboard. Now i am done with that keyboard as i replaced it like 4 times in 2 year always dead led panels.

Now come to the main part i am getting used to new Huntsman Elite Keyboardthere are few things which i want to ask please do help me if you can

1. Is there any key in keyboard which i am not aware of. or i can assign by which i can change the profiles? of keyboard
2. I tried to add two profiles one with Razer studio advance color. and one with Fire color which was under default section. but when i switch back to 1st the color also changed to circle instead of Razer studio. is it how its supposed to be? is there any other way in which in one i can use mine and on 2nd i can use the default colors settings.
3. How dies this Macro key works? like i want to assign (Ctrl+Tab) to F1, (Ctrl+Shift+Tab) to F2 while using chrome?

i like everything about this keyboard till now i wish the software was simple as it was with corsair and with the LED are more brighter

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