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Ornate V2 or Huntsman Elite redeem

  • 4 November 2020
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Hey guys, I would like to gather your opinion, I earned closely enough silver (175k+), and planning to redeem a full-size keyboard.

I currently using Huntsman TE, but I really don't like the red switch, that is too sensitive for me. I notice that the Ornate V2 was within the redeem page recently, and it is much cheaper compare to Huntsman Elite.

The Huntsman Elite is of course the most expensive and the purple optical switch sound amazing. The RGB is the best out of all other Razer's keyboards.

The Ornate V2 had almost the necessary feature as a gaming keyboard, but the mecha-membrane's style feels like a generic office keyboard....... Also, it loses the RGB rim surrounding the whole keyboard. But the redeem price is so attractive to me (100k silver) and the cable adjustment design is somehow essential to me.

May I ask your opinion? Any user feedback for both keyboards?

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I liked Ornata lower profile keys, and the soft "click" sound (comparing to my BWv2 on Green Clicky switches).

On Huntsman Elite you have more Chroma (as you noticed), and ability to change keycaps, which is a great option, if you want to mod your keyboard a bit. Purple switch has slightly harder actuation force, than Red (45g vs 40g) - for example Razer Green (mechanical) has 50g. Ornata has about 60-65g (based on the users opinion/tests, because there's no detail on Razer website).