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Out of Stock in Europe

  • 27 June 2020
  • 3 replies

Hi, I want to buy a razer blade 15 (2070 max Q + 240 Hz display), but that laptop is out of stock unfortunately. Is there any info on when new ones will be available?

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3 Replies

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No one can answer restocking old model here, it’s 2019 one replaced with 2020 2070 300Hz super maxq. If you’re looking for that specific model beside waiting how about searching on resellers like Amazon on big retailers on your country that sell Razer Blade.
I was hoping for an answer by a mod on this. Pretty much all configurations that are interesting (and affordable) for me are not available. The "Add to Basket" button instead only says "Notify Me" which I used for the relevant configs. But I need a notebook for work and soon..

I also checked amazon, but it seems that either their descriptions are off or they offer older models only...
I just realized that the model I specified in my first post doesn't actually have the better cooling system (vapor chamber). Bummer...