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Razer 14 (late 2016) Finally Died, Battery Swollen - Won't Turn On

  • 30 October 2020
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Hi all,

First time posting here; I hope y'all don't attack me for this. I was a happy Razer customer for a year or two with my Razer 14 laptop and Lancehead mouse.

About two years ago, I noticed by trackpad bulging. I was concerned about this and called Razer support, who told me that my 1 year warrantee means they won't be able to fix it for free. I told them I wasn't going to pay a couple hundred dollars and a few weeks for a problem that's not typical and not my fault. They told me it may be possible for them to cover it, I just need serial number, proof of purchase etc. So I went through my emails, and even had some emails with razer support from 2016 when they were late on the release date that I pre-ordered for. I guess since I may have checked out as a guest, I never got emailed a proper receipt (it seems like this has happened to others if you google it)? Regardless they were not able to look at it for free and my ticket dissolved.

This year, the bulge had gotten so bad that my trackpad finally cracked, see pics. I thought, okay this is enough. Even though the trackpad works and I don't really use it, this is unsightly and likely dangerous. I can't imagine a company would release a product that this could even be a possibility, less than 4 years of using it. I called again, and went through the same circle of needing proof of purchase. I swear I bought it from the Razer store website. It should be in their system. I hung up and vowed to find a proof of purchase to email to the ticket, but could not. I was extremely busy this past summer, with buying a house for the first time.

This morning I was testing my new ethernet cable I had routed up through the house, and had my laptop on to check the connection. Suddenly, it turned off. It wouldn't turn back on. The adaptor had the light on, was fully connected, and last I checked the laptop had full battery. Plugged or unplugged, it wouldn't turn back on. Tried this multiple times.

Today I will call again, I'll fork over a couple hundred bucks, and judging by their customer service, I'll probably have to wait weeks. I don't know what I'll do until then. I don't have a backup. I use this for my own consulting, and just joined a rocket league team with a coach we just paid. This really sucks, and I should have just paid to solve the problem that razer designed into their system that I bought for $1700. $1700 for less than 4 years. Woof.

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Sorry to hear that. Having gaming laptops especially on thin light categories like blade, it’s needed to do some maintenance like cleaning parts inside, repasting etc periodically, it’s because the heat which’s laptops biggest enemy. Actually using unit that’s already had battery swelling issue (heat wears the parts faster) is dangerous and you’re lucky enough since it’s fire hazard. System doesn’t turn on probably because of that swelling battery ruins something on motherboard which’s bad, it’s literally laptops everything and costs a lot for repair.
Hope this would help on your next gaming laptop purchase.
Thanks for the information UPSers