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Razer 16 4090 --- you can run a 4tb + 2tb drive.

  • 9 April 2023
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I've been using razer 15s for a few years now, just got my 16 4090 in february. Always frustrated me that you could only run single sided m.2 drives in the laptop -- just as a heads up to anyone that needs more space, you *can* run a 4tb drive. The WD Black 4tb Sn850x while not single sided, has all its chip on the back side mounted near the top of the chip, and none near the bottom. The result is that you can mount it easily, with zero flex. Must be mounted in the top slot -- and you need to get rid of the metal divided between the drives (just replace with thermal tape).

Ran this setup in my razer 15 3080ti for year and in my razer 16 4090 since february, zero issues.

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