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Razer caring for gamers

  • 24 March 2021
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So Chief, Razer, here is my proposition.

As a gamer, I would like to buy a GPU so I can continue playing (...AAA titles that are killing my current gpu).
As Razer, I want to provide gamers anything so I can reinforce my stronghold position as a Gamer focused company, and may even have the opportunity to boost sells.
As AMD/Nvidia, I want to show that I do, somewhat, somehow, care about my targetted audience, the gamers.

So if Razer do partner with AMD and Nvidia to sell GPUs directly on its platform, combined with the fact that Razer ID (cortex and Store) can confirm we are not bots, it should be a win-win-win situation.

Real gamers will get GPUs, even if its MSRP+50-100 (vs MSRP x2-3).
Razer will become central to that and may even boost its other products sell number. Any sneaky sneaker snake or is it saneaky snake snikers ??
AMD/NVIDIA will get respect for caring and not just selling to whomever the card is resold to.

A side effect to this, is if scalpers see that demand goes elsewhere, yes they made try to get into the system, but time of razer ID ownership could be a limitation to that, but also driving their prices down because they need to sell them.

I get that storing the cards they could send you may be a more difficult task, but with the demand you should'nt need too much storage :)

Exceptional times, exceptional resolutions ?

What do you think ?

Would you be interested to buy GPUs on RazerStore Directly ?

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6 Replies

Even Gamestop with its new online strategy is planning to sell GPUs directly to customers, according to their latest shareholder call on march 25th.
There's a market here 🙂
To be honest! I'd love if razer will going to sell GPU's on Razer Store directly. It would be such a good news to my fellow gamers.
I hope Razer will realize that! It would be better if GPU will be available on Razer's sell platform. Gamers can mix and match easily.
I really love how Razer care about customers satisfaction specially for us gamers, hoping that Razer will make their product available on all Razer Store in that way gamer's can purchase Razer product and they can use it right away if they want.
I surely would.love a razer touch to some.GPUs but would also love to just get one reference card to finish my build....worst time for my current gpu to die...
Well, pretty sure there could some interesting partnership as we saw in Razer products lately like this one, (or specifically sell this one ): Sakura RX6800xt.