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Razer Gigantus V2 Cleaning

  • 24 November 2020
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Hi Razer Nation,

I'm a big fan of the extended larger mouse pads for free movement. However what I found very cumbersome in time is how dirty it gets and how tricky it is to clean. Over the months and constant mouse movement, the used areas fade (I have a Goliathus right now), although you dont eat much, somehow something spills, some dirt gets on etc.

My question is, is Razer Gigantus any different material than Goliathus and is it easier to wash/clean? Can I machine wash? Or do you just rub damp cloth?

I tried soaking and rubbing with light soap but my Goliathus still shows haze and fade and dirt is there. Only if these mats could be easily maintained... Please let me know about your experience with the Gigantus as I would like to get a 3XL at some point.


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I'd not wash it in machine.
I always clean it manually, as you said earlier - soaking and rubbing it with soap - it works flawlessly for me.