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Razer Kishi button mapping

Hey there! Old school Diablo (blizzard) player here.

Diablo Immortal (mobile) comes out next week and I look forward to playing it, as my wife is cool with me laying in bed playing on my phone, but not a fan of me spending endless nights in my computer room.

I went ahead and ordered a Razer Kishi after seeing a couple videos on it.

The only question I still have that isnt answered or discussed on any videos or their website is button mapping https://tutuappx.com/.

Are the buttons automatically going to sync to specific actions from the game? And if so, is there any way to change it?

Example, if I load up Diablo and my character has 4 skills... are the going to default to Y X A B? Or if I want to set my Ultimate skill to, lets say, right trigger... will i be able to do that?

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