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Razer Naga Lightweight

  • 3 February 2020
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Could it be possible that we get a light weight Razer naga? I have been using my Naga 2014 - since 2014 - and I'm looking for an upgrade. I'm aware that the Razer trinity exists however, i think it would be a great addition to the round up if we'd get a light weight version. I love using my Naga for mostly productivity and some light gaming nowadays, however i often find it too heavy compared to regular mice out there. In terms of functionality there's nothing currently better out there for productivity and MMO gameplay since it has all those 12 buttons on the side that could be used for macros and it has the tilt scroll wheel as well which is something i cannot live without. After these 6 years of intense use, my mouse is finally starting to give out ( the scroll wheel press and the right mouse button as well as some of the side buttons don't always register on click) and i want to make an investment that will last me an other 6 years which would play along the current day lightweight trend.

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I think that Razer will release a new (lighter) version of Naga sooner or later, with upgraded sensor (PAW3399) and upgraded mouse switches (Razer Optical switches).
I really hope so man, it would be truly amazing. I just wonder how long ill take, considering that the Razer Naga Trinity hasn't even been out for 2 years, so it might take a while