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Razer - Please release an official statement…

  • 27 March 2024
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Will the Razer Kishi V2 - USB-C mobile gaming controller(s) receive an official firmware/iOS app update fixing the missing functionality owners are still facing with Apple iPhone 15 devices?  

I know everything costs money, and creating the firmware/software to improve iPhone 15 user experience will come at a cost as well as time.

However,  as a Kishi V2 owner that purchased the controller after finding little information on compatibility with iPhone 15 except that the USB-C version does intact work for iOS I didn’t easily find information that it was not fully compatible as it has zero compatibility with your AppStore Software.  

While this was a disappointing fact to learn.  And while I am content with the basic functionality available in most cases I’ve ran into so far.


I have definitely been holding out a small amount of hope that we would be considered as customers, and that an update to the compatibility would arrive for us so we could enjoy our devices fully. 


I hoped this update would lead to the possibility of a re-branding or even re-releasing of the Android version of the Kishi V2 controller line as now simply the USB-C version now that the port has become the standard of both Android & Apple devices presumably moving forward.


My limited knowledge of product development lead me to believe that this could be a viable as well as less expensive route to walk, versus the alternative being a full redesign, or next generation of the controller before one was needed. 

I don’t have any idea if this is even possible or if Apple USB-C isn’t equal to Android USB-C connections and firmware can’t fix what’s broken here. Though, I believe I had read Microsoft was taking the firmware update approach for their “Backbone” mobile controllers that faced the same challenges as your Kishi v2. 

I just wanted to write to support and I think I can safely speak for most of the folks that are found in the same situation as I am with this, when I say:

 If you at Razer can make our controllers work with the features that we knowingly decided we wanted and purchased this controller for those reasons, we would all be very happy current and future customers.

However, if that’s just not in the table and we got what we bought and that’s what we need to live with. That’s something I think we can all do, but could you make that information a lot more clear and visible with an official statement regarding what the company’s plans are or are not going to be regarding iPhone 15’s compatibility with all Kishi v2 controllers currently available for purchase. Including the Xbox and Pro variants as I’ve heard it mentioned online that they are both actually completely incompatible with iPhone 15 device app software as well as unsupported USB-C hardware input. 

We would all appreciate the transparency, and the clarification for the probable research that all future potential consumers will be no doubt searching for when they realize the information is not provided to them on the retail devices packaging sold today.

Thanks Razer, and whomever this may concern in support. 

I am enjoying all of my past purchases Razer products that I own, and I really hope there will be something that can be done to improve this latest edition.

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