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razer support is a ripp off

  • 28 February 2020
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its verry sad how costumers are treated if they need as simple as 1 pair replacment ear cushions they tell you alot of lies every day the same shit the promiss me ear cushions and then when i recieve a mail they say they wont i have contacted support for 7 times and everytime there is some new bullshit i got a razer tiamat 7.1 elite and they tell me that they do not make those annymore but they have 4 kinds of headsets with the same earpads and then all of a sudden after another mail that there are no earpands annymore sombody from support tells me the coud provide them if i buy them razer your ripping of people verry sad i bin playing with my razer for 8 years never had anny problem with it never asked for support only now fo new earpads and after 7 mail and 11 times talking to support i bin told that i have to buy them myself razer wont provide them so people dont buy razer annymore they just want your money i find it verry sad il never buy razer aggain

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Ye you should avoid razer by any means !!! Razer synapse cause lag and tracks every movement you do and what not... As i explained them, it happens on different pcs and different models of mice. They didn't even acknowledge issue. While it is known mouse drivers cause lag, except logitech, which are really really good ! But it is razer, this brand even put fake switched to keyboard. They try to sell you expensive sh1t, which is not even that good and a lot of false advertisement. I used to be better on mouse for 3$, than on razer death adder...