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Razer Synapse Functionality

  • 17 October 2021
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I want to start by saying that I've really loved the razer brand.

I've noticed an enormous lack of very basic capabilities in Razer Synapse 3.

Why can we not program a key to toggle? This simple function is accessible through the basic controls within other gaming drivers, and simply can't be done in Synapse, period. Even with the use of macros! Which leads my to my next problem...

Why is the macro editor unable to create anything other than what is basically key and mouse action recordings? For example I can't bind a macro to a simple key combination, as the macro assignment section of the UI is dreadfully bare, allowing almost no customization other than assigning macros to single keys.

Also, the drop-down menu in the macro assignment section contains crucial options that belong in the macro creation section (while pressed, continuous... etc.). For whatever reason, separating them severely limits what you're able to create as far as functionality is concerned.

I'm kind of baffled bye the disparity between the quality of these products and the ridiculous oversight in the software we are meant to control them with. This is not some secret, or small problem either. The Internet is so full of people asking similar questions that I can only conclude razer as a company is not concerned with customers needs at any point after the point of sale, as these type of problems are normally ironed out within the first couple months of a major software's existence, usually before they're even released to the public outside of beta versions.

I've been having these problems for about six months, and I'm beginning to believe that they are never going to be resolved. To feel like a sucker for going all in with a brand who ultimately ignore customers requests for basic features if a bad feeling. The thought of inevitably replacing every single peripheral I own and transitioning do new hardware drivers is daunting, and sad. Not as sad as having $1000 worth of gaming hardware peripherals that can't do a lot of the things I need them to do, for no reason at all.

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