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Razer Warp gaming chair

  • 3 March 2020
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Previously I mentioned this idea in other threads but now I'd like to share the newest pictures with the community and hope to get some feedback from you.

So here is the latest picture of how WARP chair could look like in colaboration with Razer.
What are the key points except unrivaled design?

Chroma and Hypersense

You know that there are some chairs with RGB lightning and as power supply they use powerbanks (which you need to buy separately of course)

In this chair there is built-in high capacity battery which will last for several days and due to magnet charging cable you won't damage it in case you forgot to detach it.

I guess you guys can imagine how many ways there are of adding cool chroma lightning.
But what is more, this chair have built-in speakers with subwoofer. This system can work together with Razer Nommo (for example) to create the true surround sound experience without using headphones. With hyperseance in this chair imagine that kind of experience you'll get from racing or any other kinds of games.

This chair also can be equiped with active cooling system and whatever else.

I really hope you guys to support this idea so we create some new one of a kind product together with Razer! 🙂

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Some more photos