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Razer, will you ever aspire to be EPIC again?!?

My first Razer product was a legend ahead of its time. Yes, I was very fortunate to have owned the greatest mouse there ever was: the original Razer Naga Epic from early years of the 2010s. This mouse was everything. Playing it wired or not, this mouse shaped my foundation of playing games on a PC. The weight was perfect. The 12 buttons on the side became second-nature. I never even gave a thought to it's eventual need to be replaced. In my world, it was invincible.

I can't remember a time where I became so frustrated with technical difficulties between the mouse and Synapse where I wanted to rip my hair out. I'm sure there were a few mishaps here and there, but nothing like those of the many Naga iterations that followed the original Naga Epic, which were merely imitations at best.

I have been using the Naga Trinity for the last few years. And I hate it. 10/10 in regards to the idea, but everytime it decides to go AWOL at random, deep down I wish for it to spontaneously combust, to which then I would laugh maniacally at it while pointing and repeating, "Ha ha!" Recently, it has developed a quite bothersome double-clicking fault due to it ultimately being a glorified paperweight that wasn't meant to be a mouse in the first place. Trust me. If I could loathe it any more than I already do, I would.

I cannot put myself through the endless doldrums of being aggravated constantly at Synapse 3 (really? what a dump that program is!) or my Naga Trinity deciding to randomly change its DPI to 1,000,000 when it wants to. I'm gonna have to (sadly) explore other options. But don't think I'm a disgruntled customer. I didn't choose this outcome.

Somewhere between the mice that followed the original Naga Epic and Synapse 3, something inside the company's very soul changed. Did they get scared? Did they smoke a phat doobie? Whatever it was, they decided to stop encompassing greatness. (Most likely, they just said, "F--k it".)

You've no doubt seen the requests over the years, Razer. You know damn well that when it comes to owning a mouse so legendary, so amazing, so truly deserving of the word EPIC, those requesting a reissue or something similar to the original would pay the price, hefty as it may be. I'm sure mouth kisses would not be out of the question at this point.

Do us a solid, Razer. Grab greatness by the balls, and blow our minds as well as solidify your place as not just the greatest, but as the ONLY company there is when it comes to PC gaming peripherals. Give us another Naga Epic original.

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