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Should I update my bios?

  • 27 September 2019
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Blade Stealth 2019, MX150 owner here.

My current bios is 1.02, and I've read concerning posts about 1.06 lowering performance:

Should I get this update or not, in your opinion?

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The thing is, whenever you contact the Razer Support about anything, they ask you to first have everything up to date to see if software is the issue.
And I don't want to """fix""" my discharging problem by making my laptop weak enough to fit the 65w capabilities of the charger.
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If you don’t have any issues with current bios I would stay with it, some users always want newest anything though like bios, drivers etc but they come sometimes not only with improvements but also with problems, I’m not talking only about stealth, overall. Though security update like Intel ME firmware update is maybe needed.