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Stealth gtx1650 power adapter

  • 21 December 2019
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I just got a new Stealth gtx1650.... This thing is really awesome. I'll finally have a capable gaming laptop that is compact enough to also use as an everyday laptop.

My one issue is that the 100w charger is just a bit bulky to always carry around. I would love to have a more portable charger I could use at work and on short trips where I won't be gaming much. I plugged it into a MacBook charger earlier, and it said it didn't provide enough power to perform optimally. It was able to go up a few % within a couple minutes of charging just while web browsing. That seems good enough for my needs at work.

I guess my main question is this...
Does the slower charging have any negative affect on the system outside maybe not providing enough juice for serious gaming?

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