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The Orbweaver needs a comeback.

  • 13 January 2023
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I'm an avid Orbweaver Chroma user, and have three units, two of which were acquired on Ebay. I think the Orbweaver needs to be revived with 1000hz polling, onboard memory storage, and a lower resting wrist (more ergonomic). The Tartarus is alright, but I immediately returned mine when I purchased it. It's wrist sits too high, the rest isn't very adjustable or comfortable to me, and the thumb-stick just isn't grippy or concave enough, and is therefore too slippery. The keys weren't clicky, which is necessary physical feedback (perhaps an issue with the version I bought). But worst of all (as has been mentioned by another user), it's missing the 20th key, which is instead replaced with a scroll wheel nobody asked for. Just my 2 cents. Lots of people buy the Tartarus, but perhaps that's because the Orbweaver is no longer in production? I have no idea. Just giving my opinions here.

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Honestly I liked Orbweaver's palm/wrist/thumb pad adjustabilities, however I highly disliked the thumbstick along with the hanging clicky button below that serves as spacebar, with Tartarus they did a better job on the Thumbpad, because not only the stick is bigger which means more space inbetween each input, and also because you can turn it into arrows. But that's only what Tartarus does better than Orbweaver imho.

Ideally if they keep Tartarus V2' Thumbpad (the thumbstick and spacebar that is), remove the wheel and add another button here, add last gen mechanical keycaps instead of these mecha-membrane/optical things, and if they keep Orbweaver's adjustabilities, and add an onboard memory, it would potentially be the ultimate gaming keypad. Screw the optical/analog functions of Tartarus Pro, we have clearly seen that they're not yet ready for delivering a product that doesn't have broken analog keys.
It goes without saying that albeit their incapacity of addressing sticky keys and analog issues that were known for like ever, I think the Orbweaver is a better long lasting product, so if they ever release the Orbweaver V2 chances are that we will probably get a reliable product!

I  have tried many times and failed to like the tartarus.   It really does not work for me and is buggy to the point that I can’t use it on my favorite games.   Why oh why did they discontinue the stable and easy to program Orbweaver with all the useful buttons?   I use every one and never had any use for the scroll wheel.

I suffered through the glue sticky on the palmrest on the orbweaver and have bought 2 on Ebay now for beaucoup bucks.  I will probably continue to do that as long as the Synapse program works for me but they seriously need to bring it back!

I have the non chroma one and been wondering if they will ever make it so I can give them money.  A fun alt to try stuff by azeron. 

When the Orbweaver came out, I bought it instantly. Leaving behind the 15 key Tartarus. That scroll wheel, which I know I’ll never use, and will ruin my current setup, is what’s holding me back from buying this new Tartarus. I’m willing to spend double on a old Orbweaver, just because of that scroll wheel. 

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:’ ) I resonate with all the posts here. I am one more of those who prefers to pay for used synapse 2 equipment but continue to use the orbweaver becasuse NO OnE likes the scroll wheel! Not sure why razer developed two more versions of tartarus and forgot about orbweaver which is far superior. 
give me a new orbweaver, Razer, and I will spends lots and lots of $$$ at your website 

I couldn't agree more. Orbweaver needs a comeback. I really can't understand many of the changes to Tartarus. A scroll wheel?! Just get rid of it. And why make it less adjustable? Orbweaver was awesome with its adjustability to your handsize. I'm still using it after 10 years. It's falling apart a bit but it still blows anything else out of the water. The rubber sheet on the palm rest slid off, I glued it back, etc. I'm even considering asking razer if I can pay them to repair the two buttons that has broken down, that I can't fix myself.

Bring back the Orbweaver please. I really don't like the scroll wheel on the Tartarus v2, its buggy and bad. That or make a Tartarus that’s more adjustable and DOES NOT have a scroll wheel.

i realy need the orbweaver the mouse on the tartarus is useless i have one on my mouse why the hell do i need one on the other one aswell

orbweaver for the win #BRINGBACKTHEORBWEAVER