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They don’t refound my money

  • 1 January 2023
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This is the first time that this has happened to me in my entire life that I have been buying PC products, I have bought in countless stores, but the two times that I have bought in Razer they have marked me but for the worse, the first purchase was a few years ago Electra v2 headphones that a week after passing the warranty broke and I had to put up with it.

I have currently bought a wireless mouse, the deathadder v2 pro, well after they sold it to me it was defective, since it spammed the left click without me touching the click and the sensor was caught, no matter how much I moved the mouse, the cursor did not moved, because since December 22 I have been demanding that they refund my money and this shameless team, to call them softly in some way, all they do is delay NOT PAYING ME, you cannot be more dissatisfied with a company that this, after they sell products of very poor quality, they treat customers like fools, not wanting to return the money for a product that has been returned and that they have in their warehouse, according to their return policy they refund you 3 At 5 business days I am now on the sixth business day and they only delay the emails that I have been sending them, I will never touch a Razer product again, not even as a gift.

What a post-sale service and what a most inhuman way of treating customers.

All they tell me is wait and wait and wait, but they have the product there and I don't have my money.

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