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thinking about razer mini pc again.

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So how many people would be interested in 1 or 2 or 3 option from razer of mini pc.   Should it be 1080p version 1440p version and 4k version playing at 120fps cross play standards.     I been thinking about this for a while. What's the best option.   So many choices coming possible.   With maximum of 36 gb of graphics data at maximum and 30 mb of minimum data. There are lots of options.  Should they be upgradeable ??


What features must be added.     Should it be allowed to work with older cartridges cd 💿  and Bluerays devices.      Could it just be different razer edge cell phone and table devices or does it need a screen. 


Lots of interesting option for the future still even thought they set maximum value. 


Waiting for the future.

Razer team. 

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