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Why Buy a Razer Phone 2?

LCD Screen:

Razer uses an LCD Panel. What this means is there is little to no chance the Screen will suffer from Screen Burn or Ghosting.

The LCD Screen is My Main Reason for buying the Razer Phone 2. I don’t care if the person next to me can see my screen…

For those who want an AMOLED or OLED Screen, I say “buy a different phone”. While the Black may be a bit Deeper, Colors a bit more Vibrant with a wider viewing angle, is it worth it? Under Heavy everyday use, these Screens may not last a year before you start seeing the effects on the Screen. This means the Deep Blacks will continue to show the Vibrant Colors from the Previous Screen. The Vibrant Colors will start to appear Washed Out and you will be looking at another AMOLED or OLED phone so you can have pretty colors once again. AMOLED or OLED provides your device, including TV’s with a limited viewing life span… Do you actually care how Pretty your Colors are while you are trying to Win the game???

I will use LCD until MicroLED Screens are available AND will pay the money for it.

Dual Front Facing Speakers:

Razer Phone 2 has them. Although it does not sound like you are listening to your home or car stereo they are fairly loud and have nice stereo sound separation and the base they produce is good for such tiny speakers. Personally, I don’t like to have to put a single tiny speaker up to my ear or cup my hand by it to try and hear music or the video I’m watching. Being a little hard of hearing, thank you military, I Love the Speakers… I haven’t played with the Dolby or any Sound Expanding apps yet but I will.

8gig of Ram…

Adjustable Screen Refresh Rates:

I haven’t used them much yet but that is only because I’m still exploring the phones other capabilities and haven’t installed my games.

I do have a wish list for the Razer Phone 3 and AMOLED or OLED are NOT part of it but that’s for another post.

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