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Blackwidow Elite Wrist Rest Replacement

  • 22 September 2019
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Hi All,

I have recently purchased the Blackwidow Elite keyboard. The wrist rest that comes with it is very nice but I imagine over time it will 'wear' out especially as it is made from a spongy material hence why it is so soft.

However I dont see a replacment piece avaiable for purchase? If it does get less spongy and becomes not comfy I dont want to buy a new keyboard just to replace the wrist rest...

Any advice on this?

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1 Reply

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It seems like you currently can not buy the replacement wrist rest for that device, however I would keep an eye on the Razercare store, in the case that they may add that product in the future (At the time of writing, this store is U.S only though).

The wrist rest is much like the one on my Ornata Chroma material wise, and I have had this keyboard for going on three years and the wrist rest has yet to wear overly bad. The leatherette material feels a bit rough on one side where my hand normally rests while using it, but it is still as spongy as the day I got it, with no tears or anything.