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General opinion on razer keyboards?

I have always known that razer itself has a high price due to its popularity and brand naming and that you can get hgher quality for the same price, but here is my problem. I am the type of person who loves to have things all uniform, as in Corsair Mouse? That calls for corsair KB etc. I was planning on getting a Corsair K70 RGB (Maybe K90 if I felt like splurging) and the RGB mouse too but I have recently tried out a Razer Naga Hex and I fell in love with the side button layout. What is the general opinion and risks of me going for a Blackwidow Chroma, the switches feel decent to me but I have heard tales of them breaking. I have a friend with the Blackwidow RGB and the mouse I want, his stuff has been working for almost 2 years with no problems now. Any tips? Maybe a mouse that can do what I want by a company that is more reliable?

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