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O rings razer blackwindow help !

i have a blackwindow elite and i mm about to buy o rings the think is i wanna buy those one http://www.coolermaster.com/peripheral/peripheral-accessories/maintenance-kit/
will those fit right on my keyboard ! dimensions i found it on ebay otherwise you can check the link is those:
Cooler Master Masteraccessory Maintenance Kit. Product type: Equipment cleansing kit, Proper use: Keyboards, Material: Plastic,Textile. Weight: 16 g, O-ring diameter: 8.1 mm, O-ring thickness: 2.1 mm. Package width: 23 mm, Package depth: 100 mm, Package height: 76 mm

! the razer 0 rings are out of stock ! and also theres none on my country to buy one!

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