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Orbweaver Chroma + 1 handed WoW

  • 26 December 2019
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Hi all,

I'm new to the forums and new to the Orbweaver. I've been playing WoW with the Naga Left Handed Edition for 5yrs now and the mouse is starting to die and cannot be replaced. I am a one-handed player because reasons and am trying to find a replacement for my Naga. Enter the Orbweaver.

My question is, is it possible to play World of Warcraft completely one handed with the Orbweaver like it is with the Naga? I can move my character with a combination of the D-pad and keys for left and right turns but is there a way to mimic the camera movement that you get with mouse + right button click? The way I move with the Naga is mouse movement + Left and Right mouse buttons and I look around with mouse movement + Right mouse button and I think this is the hardest part to recreate with a keypad.

Thanks for any tips or tricks,

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