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Razer Synapse while playing Trove

  • 18 October 2019
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Hello everyone,,
new here, was fiddling around with settings cause well, part of the reason i got this keyboard is because of the great look and lighting that came with it. I play trove and i kept getting this weird camera spin around every few seconds while trying to play, found out it was only while pressing the keys on the keyboard and moving the mouse at the same time rta test. After tons of forum reading, everyone says turn the software off and it will work fine... nah, thats not gonna work for me. So after tons of trial and error, i believe i found out whats causing the issue. I went into the logging part of the synapse software, disabled it, then went back to playing and BAM, issue solved. well for me anyways. I dont have any more mouse issues. Sure i dont get my stats, but thats a small price to pay. Hopefully this will help razer pinpoint the issue in the software and they can come out with a newer version that resolves this, assuming im correct and this is in fact the part that causes the problem. Anyways, hope this helps, have a good one!

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