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Switchblade iTunes remote control App

  • 1 January 2019
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Greetings everyone!

I wrote a very small application to remote control iTunes playback from your switchblade device - that is, the Deathstalker ultimate, SWTOR keyboard or some older Razer Blade laptops.
You can find more out about the project and browse its sources here:


A prebuilt binary for testing can be downloaded here: https://github.com/Asten99/BladeSong/blob/master/BladeSong.zip

At the moment, it works in such a way as that you need to start the application (exe file in the zip, leave the folder structure intact) from your desktop. Exit either by the exit button on your keyboard or by just pressing the application launcher button on your keyboard.

The application is very limited in functionality at the moment, letting you pause, as well as continue playback and skip to the next or previous song in the current playlist. I plan to expand this functionality to include playlist selection and song browsing.
However, i am not a very skilled programmer and at the moment have not found a suitable solution to implement this.
If there are any C (win32) developers reading this and have a few minutes of their time to spare, i would appreciate a short PM as i am stuck at the moment (my shortcomings are windows BITMAP structures and how to obtain access to the data in order to convert it to the RGB565 image data that the switchblade ui wants later on).

Of course, any feedback to the application is greatly appreciated.

I want to give my heartfelt thanks to a very kind sir from Razer who made this possible in the first place by providing me with the Switchblade SDK even tough it is out of support.


update: found the C function i was looking for and found a good explanation how to use it - a friend of mine gave me the crucial hint - so i can now continue developing the application and add playlist and song selection! yay!!
(should anyone wonder - i was basically looking for GetBitmapBits(..) as described here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/desktop/gdi/capturing-an-image )

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Greetings again everyone!

Some changes here - the App is finally ready! - UI graphics are still very rudimentary, and I welcome anyone wanting to help me improve with that - but for the rest, playlist browsing works correctly now, bugs i found were ironed out and you no longer need anything else other than the exe file to run it. So grab the current version from https://github.com/Asten99/BladeSong/blob/master/BladeSong.zip or browse the project on github at https://github.com/Asten99/BladeSong/ . Thanks everyone for their support and enjoy using the software! If you have any feedback, please contact me via mail (see documentation) or via this forum/PM .