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3 reasons why you should choose the Deathadder v2 pro

  • 17 June 2021
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There are a total of 4 wireless gaming mice with top grade specs like optical switches or the focus+ optical sensor, but for FPS or BR which mouse should you get? Here is my suggestion…

After countless months of research (not lying) I think the Deathadder v2 pro is your best option. Why? Because…

1) Unlike the other mice suitable for FPS (Viper ultimate and maybe Basilisk ultimate?) the Deathadder has Bluetooth. And I know Bluetooth isn’t good for intense gaming, but if you’re trying to conserve power or maybe you want to switch to your Mac book, then you can use Bluetooth to solve both of those problems.

2) The Deathadder is in the middle of the weight range, not too light like the Viper and not too heavy like the Basilisk, this allows you to have just a bit more control while still being able to make fast movements.

3) The Deathadder is an ergonomic mouse and to me I think it’s the best ergonomic form out there, and if you search up videos about this form on YouTube I’m pretty sure everyone else would say just about the same thing.

The only cons I can think about is the fact that the Deathadder doesn’t have a lot of Chroma RGB, but then again it does keep the weight down.

Thank you for reading!

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DeathAdder IMO has the most universal shape for most people, but it's also large (too large for some).
But Bluetooth is a great feature, especially for laptop users - while using it for office work (not gaming ofc, beacause of BT latency).