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A replacement for my Mamba 2012?

I have a Blackwidow Ultimate 2013 and a Mamba 2012 and have been extremely happy with both. However, both have started playing up (the kb has some sticky keys and the mouse left button double clicks a lot). So I'm looking to replace them and would like some advice...

I'm not a gamer, just using for business and coding and have only been a two-finger typist for 50 years. But I prefer gaming devices, as I find them far better.

For KBs, I was looking at the Blackwidow Elite (Green or Orange - need to find a place with both to try them)
I bought a new Mamba wireless, but find the fit isn't as comfortable for my hand as the 2012. I find it a bit small.

Can you recommend suitable replacements? Or is it possible to clean these ones?


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